Julia Gorbach is an Emmy award-winning creative omnivore with big ideas and the courage to make it happen, informed by ten years of creating new ideas, content, products, and services in film, advertising, and emerging technology. 

Founder and CD of Wild Minds, a creative advisory and innovation lab that partners with brands to uncover insights and develop original content, product, experience, installations. In addition, branded content director and documentary filmmaker. Formerly, Director of Originals Lab and creative strategist at THAT agency, Creative Entrepreneur-in-Residence at New Museum NEW INC Incubator, and Founding Member / Filmmaker at The Skin Deep an award-winning interactive documentary studio. 

Passionate about building bridges between the physical and the digital, igniting joy and curiosity, sharing unique insights, and co-creating our future reality.​  That thread runs across all the work whether that's speculating post-nuclear futures, or creative directing an AI prototype to explore language, or filming in the jungle with the Mayan community. 

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→ julia@juliagorbach.com 

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