You heard I was filming shamanic ceremonies amidst the beauty of the Mayan jungle. Or, maybe you tried out my AI mobile app that inspired "Letter's From Vincent" at the Van Gogh exhibit. If you're in NYC, you most likely got a lot of *new product / new content* drops from me when I was spearheading THAT Originals, a creative lab and new ventures arm at a NYC agency. 

I'm an Emmy and World Press Photo award-winning creator, filmmaker, conceptual CD, and innovator. I conceive, create, and bring new ideas, frameworks, stories, products, and experiences to the world for brands and humans. 

The truth is I've had a wonderfully weird non-linear career so far and I can't wait to work with you and apply my learnings. As an expansive creative leader, I combine my love for strategic thinking, creative technology, human experiences, and collaboration to ignite 💡 and co-create together, curating stories and sharing untold truths along the way. How can I help you?  

Quick way to see some of my work: #artificialintelligence#product, #interactivedoc#brandedcontent, #advertising, #films, #360ecosystem #photos#musicvideo 


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