I'm a joyful​, ​wild mind and an expansive creative leader with a love for invention, lived experience, creative technology, and collaboration.  An ​Emmy and 2x World Press Photo award-winning creator, creative director, strategist, and innovator​,​​ I have worked on everything from some of the world's most innovative brands to start-ups and small businesses changing the way we think, connect, and create today. ​

My mission is to ignite people's joy, uncover deeper meaning in the work, share untold truths, and co-create the impossible.​ ​Making AI bots to explore language, filming with the Mayan community in the jungles of Mexico to preserve tradition, crafting an exit out of the metaverse -- these are just some of the things I'm working on. How can I help you?  

Here are some links to get you started: #artificialintelligence#product, #interactivedoc#brandedcontent, #advertising, #films, #360ecosystem #photos#musicvideo 

→ julia@juliagorbach.com 

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