"Building Bridges" 

The Mayan cosmovision shows there are seven ways to solve problems, seven ways to see a situation, seven fundamental truths. Inspired by this saying, "Building Bridges" is a seven-part video series introducing you to the different and unique perspectives of "The Children of the Sun" project in El Naranjo community at the Mayan ruins in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico. 

Palenque is a sacred Mayan land, yet many of the Mayans who live there are disconnected from their traditions, arts, ancestral knowledge, and even the land itself. This project, designed by the Mayan community and Ixchel Healing Arts, weaves together Mayan knowledge keepers, local healers, Mexican musicians, and visiting foreigners looking for healing, so the children of El Naranjo can reconnect with their roots and be empowered to enter the world.

Get involved or volunteer: childrenofthesunchiapas@gmail.com or visit https://www.ixchel-arte.com/ 

Client / Partner: Ixchel Healing Arts and El Naranjo Community 

CD / Director / DP / Editor: Julia Gorbach

Ep 1: Starting at the root with Fidencio 

Fidencio grew up in El Naranjo inside the jungle connected to the land, the traditions, culture, and language of the Mayan people. His children are growing up with screens disconnected from the land and opportunities, so he started "The Children of the Sun" project with Ixchel Healing Arts to change their futures.  

Ep 2: Healing through connection with Cinzia

Cinzia, Founder of Ixchel Healing Arts and shamanic healer, partners with Fidencio to design the "Children of the Sun" program that creates a flow of income and connection between the foreigners who come to heal at her retreats and the children of El Naranjo.

Ep 3: Power of nature as medicine with Columba

Columba is an indigenous healer who teaches the women and children of the community how to heal disease or pain using the plants of the jungle.

Ep 4: Weaving to remember with Miriam

Miriam is a chiropractor and community leader who teaches the children how to weave traditional Mayan patterns as a form of meditation and connection to their roots.

Ep 5: Creating poetry and music with Pedro 

Composer and musician Pedro Davila and his family spend one day a week with the children of El Naranjo, teaching them music and poetry to connect them to their Mayan roots and empower them to be cultural agents. 

Ep 6: Take a tour with Mariana 

Mariana is new to "The Children of the Sun" project and is excited to practice singing, painting, music, and more with her community. She has big dreams and envisions traveling far. It's her first time meeting foreigners. 

Ep 7: Planting Seeds with Karina

Karina, an expat who recently moved to Mexico, seeks out spiritual guidance and Mayan cosmology education with Cinzia. Meeting the children of El Naranjo and seeing firsthand what authentic communities look like is inspiring for her. 

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