"Building Bridges" 

Palenque (Chiapas, MX) is a sacred Mayan land, yet many of the Mayans who live there are disconnected from their traditions, arts, ancestral knowledge, and even the land itself. Building Bridges is the story of the resilience of one community to invest in their children's future by equipping them with the knowledge of their past. 

To do so, Fidencio, a tour guide and Mayan community organizer, and Cinzia, a nomadic shamanic healer, along with others create a new initiative called "Children of the Sun." Working in sustainable ways, they create systems to support one another and use their resources to bring together Mayan healers, foreign seekers, Mexican musicians, local tour guides, Guatemalan knowledge keepers, and more, so the children of the Naranja community to reconnect with them with their heritage and land, expose them to the world, and empower them to choose their future. 

Client / Partner: Ixchel Healing Arts and Naranja Community 

Director / DP / Editor: Julia Gorbach

Content Marketing: Julia Gorbach

Ep 4: Music Workshop with Pedro 

Composer and musician Pedro Davila and his family spend one day a week with the children of the Naranja Community in the jungles of Palenque, teaching them music and poetry to connect them to their Mayan roots and empower them to be cultural agents. 

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