Don't HALF the Dream Campaign 

Problem: In 2022, Metro High School earned the title of Missouri's premier high school, a testament to its consistent excellence over the years. However, while academic achievements have soared, the gym equipment has remained stuck in the past, untouched for decades.

Insight: Dreams aren't achieved through half-hearted efforts. Metro HS students didn't cut corners in their academics; they built a legacy. Their athletes don't settle for mediocrity; they beat the odds. In the same spirit, we can't raise money for some gym equipment, we need to build a dream of a whole new gymnasium so Metro students can proudly host games in their home court. 

Solution: Don't HALF the Dream Campaign 

A city-wide 360 campaign encouraging member of the St. Louis and Metro community to support Metro High School’s dream of having a WHOLE new sports facility by showcasing all the ways that we can’t go halfway on our dreams. Campaign elements: logo revamp, OOH, print and digital ads, as well as an interactive website to direct all fundraiser efforts. 

Role: Creative / Art Director

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