PVD Civic Agency Public Art Installation 

MY5 wanted to use art and technology to create a civic agency pop up experience in Providence, RI for RIHub Innovation Week in October 2022 and the Midterm Election in Nov 2022. Navigating the intricacies of local politics, communities, and histories, we were able to create an interactive public scavenger hunt that gamified civic history and empowered local citizens.

This citywide pop-up was designed as an XR gaming experience anchored in a digital app that took users across town to different locations to interact with co-created art installations, learning about civic history and engaging in civic events. By generating site specific check-ins, the game encouraged participants to follow civic activities during the midterms, taking them on a tour through geotagged imprints at the PVD Innovation District, WaterFire, Downtown murals, AS220 and polling sites throughout the city. We partnered with local businesses so that as participants moved through the game, they collected coins to receive discounts at local restaurants, cafes, shops, and more. We presented a prototype at RIHub Innovation Week and launched a more robust version for during WaterFire on November 5th and Midterm Election Day on November 8th. 

From unpacking the academic thinking around the problem, to reframing the goal of the experience, to shaping the visual identity of the experience, to designing the umbrella framework of the game and the unique experiences at each node of the game, to writing the prompts to call in artists to co-create with us, and to directing the design of various digital and physical assets --- we consulted and co-designed a new way to employ art and tech for public good. 

Client: Mode Yellow 5

Company: Wild Minds

Role: Game Architect | Experience Designer | Creative Consulting 

We gamified geographical locations in Providence by geotagging "iconic" locations and empowering citizens to unpack whether they thought they were iconic to their community while packing in bite-size civic history and fun community interactions. 

3D rendering of installation designs for AS220 for the midterm pop up.

MY5 branding at AS220 as part of the pop up installation.

Southside Community Center MY5 pop up projection mapping. 

Toxic Jungle art submitted by local artists 

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