When a newly formed CBD brand came to us with an ask to help them rebrand and scale, we set out to understand what made them different than other CBD brands out there. What we discovered was quite... beyond. 

In an attempt to save his own life from stage 4 cancer, John Simonsen, a chemist, college professor and divorced father, finds shamanism and plant medicine. Years go by as he dives deeper into his practice and healing process, becoming more and more distant from his children. Out of nowhere, John is called by spirit to buy a plot of land outside Lebanon, Oregon, and start growing hemp. Fully committed to the task, John combined his scientific and spiritual sides to create CBD infused with spirit to heal people. In need of marketing and business support, he reaches out to his adult children reuniting the family to bring REUNION CBD to the world. 

REUNION film launching soon. June 2022. 

Agency: THAT

Client: Reunion CBD

Director: Julia Gorbach

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