Walmart's Toy Lab

An award-winning interactive toy lab on the internet designed to be a safe place for kids to play. With Toys-R-Us out of business, children no longer had a way to test out the latest toys before buying them. So we flew to Bentonville, Arkansas to learn from kids how to play with the newest toys and turned our learnings into an experience for children to virtually test out, play with, and save their favorite toys -- creating a shopping list for parents and saving them a lot of guesswork during the holiday season!

Client: Walmart & EKO

Agency: THAT

Role: Creative Strategist 

"A glimpse into the future." 

- Forbes

Kidfluencers Test Out Toys

Kids are able to explore, discover and play with their favorite toys in a setting that inspires the same joy of a toy store, but culminates in a parent-friendly e-commerce experience. 

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